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A selection of projects we've collaborated on.

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Better Patient Communication.

Build customised conversations and trigger them based on time or patient response. Then monitor your interactions, with a simple to learn dashboard and control panel.

  • Send tailored SMS messages to patients
  • Build complex automated conversations
  • Develop insightful reporting to drive outcomes

A Simpler Health Survey.

Nobody loves a health survey. Often long and complex, with limited outputs for the participants. So we built the Health Perception, 3 minutes, 7 areas of health, instant feedback.

  • Tailored health advice for every participant
  • Covering all 7 areas of health and wellbeing
  • Sharing clear, simple actions, to support change
Clearer Workforce Wellbeing Costs.

Clearer Workforce Wellbeing Costs.

What is health and wellbeing worth? Our tools help you calculate the business case, based on 30 customisable factors, so it's not just HR Directors fighting to invest in wellbeing.

  • Analyse 30 business factors in a few minutes
  • Insightful cost calculations with every proposal
  • Help customers understand your full value

A Healthier Week.

We often hear people say that they struggle to "fit health in". HealthyWeek supports users to find new healthier behaviours, based on their goals and schedule them into a simple reminder system.

  • Choose from 6 areas of health interest
  • Browse hundreds of simple healthy actions
  • Get reminded, so you're less likely to forget

Work With Us.

We offer services in three areas:

Strategic Consulting

Exploring digital opportunities?

We've worked across public, private and third sector to develop, align and operationalise strategies that drive digital insight, adoption and efficiency.

Agile Development

Need a project delivered fast?

We plug into your existing processes to drive technology deployments across mobile and web from human-centred design to continous integration.

Collaborative R&D

Looking to create or leverage IP?

We can help you build partnerships for collaborative bids, manage the technology for a research study or create a new digital service.

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